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3D Printed Action Figure of Dragon Costume

I’m an action figure thanks to Captured Dimensions!

This past May at Dallas Comic Con 2014 I opted for a scan session to have my dragon costume 3D printed as a small figurine. It was a really cool process and such a unique way to capture all the hard work that went into the costume.

Step 1: Scan Session

It was like being a movie star! Lots of flash bulbs and cameras capturing me from all sides. I did a couple different poses but this was the final one we chose.

Green Dragon Costume
Green Dragon Costume

Step 2: Creating the 3D model

These next steps were all done by Captured Dimensions. All I had to do was approve the final model before they sent it off for print. Check it out below! It even earned a “Staff Pick” badge on Sketchup. Twirl the model around to see all sides.

Breanna Cooke – Green Dragon Cosplay
by captureddimensions
on Sketchfab

Step 3: 3D Printed Action Figure

Captured Dimensions sent the digital model off to be 3D printed and then came the great reveal! So cool!

3D printed green dragon costume
Dragon Action Figure_02

Dragon Action Figure_04 Dragon Action Figure_03