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Art Leggings Coming Soon!

Breanna Cooke - Fiery Phoenix Leggings

Breanna Cooke Fiery Phoenix Leggings ArtMy costume, bodypainting, and graphic design worlds are colliding. I’ve been creating designs based on my past costumes and those designs will soon be available printed on leggings! I also have some new ideas in the works too! You may recognize the design in my test pair (pictured above) from my Fiery Phoenix costume from a few years ago. Now that I’ve seen a test pair I just need to finish a few minor tweaks to the artwork and we’ll be rollin’!

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I’ll be sharing the ordering links for these leggings (and some other designs) very soon!

Sympathy Card – The Last Lily to Bloom

After sharing this art with my family and friends, I had some requests for prints and cards. And after checking with my family, I decided to share the ordering links more broadly (see below).

This all came about recently when I wanted to send a sympathy card to a grieving friend, but I just wanted to send a card that was simple and sincere. After reading many sympathy cards after my mother’s passing, I noticed that a lot of the pre-printed messages were either very religious or excessively poetic. So I painted this lily and a simple message of love on a card. I later I painted the lily over and over again and realized it was exactly the kind of card I would have wanted to receive. This lily holds special meaning for me as it was the last flower to bloom in a bouquet by my mother’s bedside, right before her passing. It continues to remind me of her love and I hope you can share love with it too.

The original was created with watercolors and colored pencils.

Sympathy Card:

Breanna Cooke | The Last Lily to Bloom
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Breanna Cooke | The Last Lily to Bloom watercolor
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